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A bridge between Japan and the world
Enriching the life of people around the world with business partners

Mission to realize the vision
OSI has 3 missions in developing global business

1.Global development of OS brand

As one of Japan's leading screen manufacturer, we are developing OS brand screen for home and commercial usage, projectors and clean energy products worldwide.

The aim is to expand the OS brand to 196 countries around the world by establishing” One distributor in one country” and to develop together based on win-win relationships with reliable partners.


2.Spread Japanese quality products to the world

Japan has wonderful manufacturing technology.

Love and preferences for manufacturing are strong and high quality products with wholeheart is remarkable.

We want to expand the world with excellent Japanese products and enrich people's life.

Culture and lifestyle vary by country and region.

We are also working to raise awareness of Japanese quality by responding to customization that changes the needs of countries and regions.

We have built a system that can respond flexibly to OEM and ODM.


3. Bringing global products into the Japanese market

We would like to help not only export but also introduce the world’s excellent products into the Japanese market to enrich the life of people living in Japan.

We have dealt with excellent products from overseas such as projectors and display hangers.

We will contribute to society through business with a global perspective, Japanese products to the world, world products to Japan.