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Introduction of OS Group

OS group started as a cinema screen manufacturer in 1953.
We manufacture and sell products that make use of screen technology, including video screens used in education and corporate training, as well as digital signage (electronic signage) for advertising and dissemination of store information. Growing as an AV system company and leading the industry in Japan currently.

Group Business Development

OS group conducts product planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and installation work totally.
We are developing a virtuous cycle of catching up with market needs and putting emphasis on research and development to make use of product development and providing feedback on products. As a result, we continue to introduce high-quality OS brand products to the market and have gained a high reputation in Japan.
The products with high reputation in Japan are exported overseas and are actively developing global business.


Product line

OS group is a comprehensive system AV company that handles products such as video, audio and software.


Achievements of numerous awards

In the consumer business, the OS screen brand has won numerous awards as the leading home theater screen manufacturer in Japan.
We have a high reputation from the market.

Japanese largest audio visual award.


It is Japanese largest home entertainment award, which is organized by Ongen Publishing Co.,Ltd. centered on video and sound.
“Absolute Buy” products are selected by professional’s strict screening by AV commentators who are familiar with the appeal of audiovisual equipment in Japan and leading retailers nationwide.

Audio visual award which is conducted by HiVi with more than 30 years of history.


Awarded by HiVi, the highest audio visual (AV) magazine with over 30 years of history published by Stereo Sound Co., Ltd.
“Best Buy” products are recommended and given an awards to readers by AV commentator.

Specialty award for home theater.


This is an award by Ongen Publishing Co.,Ltd.
This award specializes in home theaters that are selected only based on the poll results of professionals who work at home theater shops throughout Japan.


Group companies

It is a leading company as a comprehensive AV system company in Japan. OS group consists of 7 companies in Japan and overseas.


Comprehensive AV system company at the core of OS group
HQ : Osaka-Shi, Osaka
TEL +81-6-6657-0980


OS group’s multifunctional base, Mother factory
HQ : Shisou-Shi, Hyogo
TEL +81-790-64-0980


Specialized in B2C business
HQ : Osaka-Shi, Osaka

OSB(Hokkaido) CO.,LTD.

Responsible for HOKKAIDO region
HQ : Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-816-0310

OSB(Okinawa) CO.,LTD.

Responsible for OKINAWA region
HQ : Midwest of Okinawa
TEL +81-98-921-7577

Next Japan Marketing Center CO., LTD.

Research and Development, New businesses for OS group
HQ : Osaka-Shi, Osaka
TEL +81-6-6657-0980


The global base for OS group in Hong Kong
HQ : Hong Kong
TEL +85-2-3580-0087


OS group’s sales base in China
HQ : Beijing, China
TEL +86-10-5861-2313