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History of the Group

The history of OS group started in 1953 in Sakai, Osaka, Japan, and began with the manufacture, sale and construction of cinema screens.

Established Okumura Shokai, the predecessor of OS


1967 Changed company name to OS Screen Co., Ltd.
1968 OS SCREEN registered the trademark
1969 Established a factory in Osaka


1971 Opened Tokyo office
1972 Launched OHP screen
1976 Developed TV Mounts
1977 New Osaka office building completed as the head office
1979 Established OS industry company limited


1981 Developed Cabinet
1986 Launched TV hangers
1988 Released persistently popular manual screen AM(Aspect ratio 1:1)
1988 Company name changed to OS


1991 Masayuki Okumura inaugurated as the CEO of the company
1991 Developed "Pearl Screen"
1991 Developed "Silver Screen"
1993 Completed new office of Tokyo Marketing HQ


2000 Established "Home theater corporation company limited" (Currently OS+e)
2000 Developed “Pure mat”/ Desalinated PVC screen
2002 Dongguan OS Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd.
2002 OSI Co., Ltd. Established on March 8
2004 Established Korea OSI Co., Ltd.
2006 Engaged partnership with AV dealer SOVICO AV Corporation in Korea
2007 Established OSI Europe in the Netherland
2007 Established OS Okinawa Blackboard(Currently OSB Co.,Ltd.)
2008 OSI moved to new location on 21st July 2008
2009 Engaged partnership with WS-Spalluto GmbH for European market
2009 Developed "Display Hanger"


2010 Launched "Mobile Solar"
2011 Developed "Flat panel P selection"
2012 Launched 4K compatible screen Pure mat Ⅲ Cinema "WF302"
2015 OSC Corporation Co.,Ltd.
2017 Launched 4K HDR compatible screen "HF102"
2018 Launched 4K compatible fire retardant screen WF Professional WF801
2018 Launched OS branded projector "LUXOS"