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Street light TFL-1000-392

Street light set of combined with amorphous Solar Sheet, LED light and battery.
Provision tool of un-electrified area for security and accident prevention
  Street light Street light
  Street light

  Street light daytime Street light nighttime
  Street light nighttime and daytime
  • Electrical construction does not requir because street light of sunlight use has developed for un-electrified area.
  • Manpower does not require because ON-OFF of LED light has controlled by electric generation.
  • Clock-timer can install that LED light turns off whenever you choose.
  • Amorphous Solar Sheet is bendable. Roll it up pole of dia.90mm to dia.400mm.
  • Solar sheet is installed vertical. It has less bull’s dust and less impact of heavy rain or strong wind.
  • Maintenance work is easy.
  • The Solar Sheet is made in Japan, an advantage of high quality and durability.
  • Existing facilities can use and setting cost is low for rolling type street light.
  • It can move and re-setting easily for makeshift type street light.
  • It can be used light of signboard other than rolling up pole.
Model TFL-1000-392
Materials 16W-12V Solar Sheet、Battery storage box、LED Light
16W-12V Solar Sheet
(Roll it up the pole)
Main Material Amorphous silico, ETFE
Maximum Output (Pmax) 16W
Outside Dimensions (mm) W280×L1337, t=2 (except protrusion), Output Cable (L=1000)
Weight (kg) about 0.4
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~60℃
Operating Humidity Range Less than 85%RH (no condensation)
Waterproof Performance IP46
Battery Storage Box Main Material AAS Plastic / Box
Charging Controller SA-MN05-8
System Voltage 12V
Maximum Input Voltage 25V
Maximum Input Current 8.5A
Maximum Output Current 8.5A
Charging Voltage 14.1V (Sealed Battery)
Battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Battery Capacity 228Wh (10 hours value)
Charging Time 48 hours
Non-Sunshine Lighting Capability about 40hours (8 hours x 5 days)
Outside Dimension (mm) W300×D180×H520
Weight (kg) about 12
Operating Temperature Range -15℃~50℃
Operating Humidity Range Less than 85%RH (no condensation)
Waterproof Performance IP44
LED Light Main Materials ASA Plastic (Body), Acrylic Clear Plastic (Clear Cover), Steel Plate (Arm)
LED High Brightness Type x 9 pcs.
Light Flux 162lm
Power Consumption 2.0W
Outside Dimensions (mm) W100 x L385 x H80 (Lighting portion only), Power Cable L=1000
Weight (kg) about 0.6
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~50℃
Waterproof Performance IP45
Standard Accessories Attachment Belt (W=10 x L=0.9m) x 10 Key x 1,
Glass tube fuse (4A) x 2
Fixing Bracket x 2
Screw (M3 x 20) x 4
* The power generation efficiency varies depending on the amount of sunlight, values for reference purpose only. We recommend the selection of enough allowance.
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Street light
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Street light TFL-1000-392 daytime Street light TFL-1000-392 nighttime