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  • Great for outdoor activities or in case of a natural disaster. The compact solar bottle set enables charging small electronic devices with sunlight.
    The set includes a solar sheet, a battery usable as a LED flashlight, a 690ml bottle, a whistle and an aluminum blanket.
  • The 2.8W solar sheet is made in Japan, a pledge of quality and reliability.
  • The 2.8W solar sheet enables charging the battery in 7 hours.
  • Super thin and lightweight (90g), rolled, the solar sheet fits in a bottle for easy carrying. (Total weight: 290g).
  • The 2.8W solar sheet has 6 eyelets that enable fixing it to a backpack using carabiners.(Carabiners are not included)
  • The included USB connection LED light enables using the battery as a compact flashlight.
  • The Lithium-ion battery enables 600 charge cycles.
  • Equipped with an IC protection to prevent overcharging.
  • Equipped with a resettable fuse to prevent overcurrent.
手巻き plug
Very compact in stowed position
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The micro USB connector
Product Name Dokodemo Hatsuden Compact Solar Bottle Set Model GSS-1002B-S1
Elements compact solar sheet x1, mobile battery x1, 690ml bottle x1, whistle x1, aluminum blanket x1
Accessories LED light x1, USB cord x1 (does not allow data transfer) Weight (kg) 0.29

Compact Solar Sheet - Compact enough to fit in a bottle - Enables charging the battery in approx. 7 hours.
Materials Amorphous silicon, ETFE Output *1 (Pmax) 2.8W / DC5V (Micro USB)
Outside Dimensions (mm) L454 x W166, t=2  (except protrusion) Weight (kg) 0.088
Operating Temperature Range *3 -20℃ ~ 60℃ / -4ºF ~ 140ºF Operating humidity Range *3 Less than 85% (no condensation)
Waterproof Performance *4 P13 (except connectors)

Mobile Battery - Operates approx.12 hours when used as a compact flashlight. Enables charging 1 smartphone.
Materials Resin Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Capacity 2600mAh / DC3.7V Nominal Output (Pmax) 1A / DC 5 V
Charging Time *1

Solar sheet (2.8W): 7 hours
USB (DC5V): 5 hours

Operating Time *2 12 hours (used as a flashlight)
Outside dimensions (mm) W25.8 x H100 x D24.8 Weight (kg) 0.076 (including the LED light)
Operating Temperature Range *3 5℃ ~ 35℃ / 41ºF ~ 95ºF Operating Humidity Range *3 Less than 85% (no condensation)
Waterproof Performance *4 None Accessories LED light, USB cord
Compatibility Cell phones, smartphones, tablet PCs, MP3 players, GPS devices, digital cameras.
Please check the compatibility beforehand on the battery manufacturer's page.
USB cord - enables connecting the battery to an electronic device
Use Carrying power (does not allow to transfer data) Dimensions (mm) L900
Connector USB / Micro USB

Bottle -690ml capacity- carabiner included
Materials  AS resin, polypropylene, polyethylene Weight (kg) 約0.69
Outside Dimensions (mm) Ø76×H190 Temperature Resistance 60°C (140°F)
Accessories aluminum carabiner x1 (not usable as a climbing carabiner)

Whistle In case of emergency, the whistle enables notifying your location. Super thin, it will not get in the way.
Materials polystyrene Outside Dimensions (mm) L70 x W28

Aluminum blanket The water-proof and moisture-proof aluminum blanket helps to maintain body temperature and its reflecting surface allows use as a signal for searchers.
Materials Deposited aluminum film Outside Dimensions (mm) L1400 x W700
*1 The power generation varies depending on the amount of sunlight. Values are for reference purpose only and are not guaranteed.
*2 For reference purpose only.
*3 Misuse of the product may damage it. Do not store in high temperature and humidity environments. Observe correct storage conditions.
*4 Caution: do not use the battery and the solar sheet in wet conditions. Wipe off the moisture with a cloth or wait until the battery and the solar sheet are completely dry before use.
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GSS-1002B-S1 GSS-1002B-S1 (unpacked)