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The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an essential part of any organization's response planning. It sets out how the business will operate following an incident such as earthquake, eruption, tsunami, fire or terrorist attacks etc., and how it expects to return to 'business as usual' in the quickest possible time afterwards

A multipurpose battery
[Emergency power supply in case of a power cut due to a disaster] [Emergency power supply for private or collective housing ] [Power supply for outdoor events lighting] [Power supply for campgrounds or outdoor fields]
All electric devices are not compatible. Please check their compatibility beforehand.

  Floating type GBW series
(The photograph shows GBW-105S)
  • The floating case is waterproof and dustproof to the IP67 standard (*1)
    Pelican.Inc is an American Multinational well known for manufacturing extra robust cases. [GBW-104S] is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard which allows outdoor installation. Moreover, in the unfortunate case of a tsunami or a flood, the case will not sink.
    (The case [GWB105S] on the left in the photo has the same specifications.)

    *The rain may damage the connectors and the fan in the case the lid is left open.
    (*1) Dustproof and waterproof to IEC and JIS standards. ( Protected from total dust ingress and from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth).
  • Low discharge rate
    We chose a silicon battery for its low self-discharge rate: it maintains about 80% of its storage amount after 1 year.
    (A fully charged battery will discharge from 430Wh to 344Wh after 1 year)

    In the case of an unfortunate power accident, the battery is able to supply power for a long time.
    *By comparison, a lithium battery is fully discharged in 3 months
  • A movable battery
    The battery comes with a shoulder strap to enable carrying it over your shoulder to the places where power is needed.
  • Combined with the solar sheet it generates and provides clean energy.
    Backed by our experience when OS Co., Ltd. supplied its Mobile Solar [GRS-110B] after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, we consider that 3 days are necessary to rebuild infrastructures after a disaster.
    Combined with the "DOKODEMO HATSUDEN™ series" solar sheets, it is possible to generate and use clean energy until power is restored. Sunlight enables recharging the battery over and over.
Details - Diagrams
Product Name Floating, all-weather resistant battery
Model GBW-104S
Materials Resin (waterproof case), Stainless steel (control panel)
Color Black
Battery Type Silicon battery
Battery capacity (wh) 430 (10 hours value)
Battery Life 800 charge cycles
Output 300W/AC220~240V (Fixed frequency 50Hz), 100W/DC12V, 10W/DC5V (USB)
AC Charging Time 6 hours (required time to be charged at 80%) / AC220~240VV
Solar Charging plug included
Solar Charging Time*1 10 hours (required time to be charged at 80%) Solar (60Wx2)
Operating Time*2 7 hours / 50W
Outside Dimensions (mm) W430×D244×H341
Weight (kg) 18
Operating Temperature Range*3 10℃~45℃ 50°F ~113°F
Operating Humidity Range*3 Less than 85% (no condensation)
Waterproof Performance*4 IP67
Discharge performance (remaining) 80% (after 1 year)
Standard accessories AC adapter (for charging) / strap
*1 The power generation efficiency varies depending on the amount of sunlight, values for reference purpose only.
*2 For reference purpose only. Not guaranteed.
*3 Misuse of the battery may damage it. Do not expose the battery to high temperatures. Observe correct storage conditions.
*4 The case is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard solely when properly close. When in use (open lid), the switches, the connectors and the fan are not waterproof and dustproof to IP standards.
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GBW-104S GBW-104S
(lid open position)