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As expected, it was incredible! My first march in Gobi desert: a 250 kilometer (155 milestone) challenge!
Knowing I will have to face hostile environments, I, indeed, prepared myself accordingly.
But one rain squall after another from half-race, the “Long March” (stage 5) overnight checkpoint, the race interruption due to hail, the freezing conditions in the morning and temperatures over 30°C at midday were more than expected.
Only having a vague idea about desert, I ran through this barren land, from 500 to 2,800 meters above sea level.
Perhaps flushed with excitement, I happened to be in the top ten at the first checkpoint, but after the 20th kilometer my body started to give up on me. My 2 little toenails fell off and I started considering giving up. Without support from Japan, I think I wouldn't have been able to cross the finish line.
In such extreme conditions, my ray of hope was a solar panel.
Being able to use my GPS watch or receive race information and supportive messages on my cell phone thanks to the power the solar sheet generated during the day, was invigorating!
In this harsh environment, I was glad that the solar sheet attached to my backpack was generating power.
Withstanding the altitude or temperature differences, the solar power system was never affected and never lost its efficiency.
I could even rely on it in hot conditions and on rainy days!
While running I was thinking about how my daily life was peaceful and convenient in Japan. There, you can get whatever you want whenever you want.
At least, it is true when Mother Nature keeps calm. Two years ago, as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a power outage occurred in the area I was living in. What a harsh experience. We didn’t have power when we needed it the most! So I thought that if I were having only one thing it would be this solar power system.
Thanks to everyone, I was able to complete the race safe and sound. Thank you very much.
Lee HojeJune 26,2013 Lee Hoje

Gobi March 2013 Results

 -7 days, 250 km self- supported footrace-

Photo : Lee Hoje

Good job Mr. Lee!

OS, Co.,Ltd wants to support people who rise to challenges!

May 22, 2013 : We supplied the mobile solar power system to Mr. Lee who participated to the Gobi March 2013.