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FAQ about Mobile Solar GSR-110B / GSR-110B-S1
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Recharging How can I check the state-of-charge ? When the battery is powered ON, push the "state-of-charge" switch.
Status indicators:
  • Solid green: more than 61% of the charge remains.
  • Solid orange: 20~60% of the charge remains.
  • Solid red: less than 20% of the charge remains.
  • Blinking green: charging (using sunlight or an AC adapter). The indicator turns OFF when charging is over.
When the battery is powered ON, push the "state-of-charge" switch.
Status indicators:
  • Solid green: the remaining charge is sufficient.
  • Solid red: the remaining charge is insufficient.
  • Blinking green: charging (using sunlight or an AC adapter). The indicator turns OFF when charging is over.
How much exposure to sunlight is required? The battery is able to charge normally shaded by a person or an object.
Can I charge the battery with AC100V ? Check the AC adapter specifications:
Input: AC100/240V
Output: DC15V (1~1.6A)
The above specifications are required to charge the battery.
Use of any adapters other than the one specified above may lead to incomplete charge of the battery and/or equipment damage.
How long does it take to charge the battery with AC100V With a DC15V adapter, it takes about 4 hours.
*we recommend purchasing the [G-A03](option)AC adapter which meets the required specifications.
About the built-in battery How long does the battery last? The battery allows about 1000 charge cycles.
e.g. If you charge the battery once a day, it lasts 3 years .
Is it possible to replace the battery? Replacing the built-in battery requires the removal of 2 screws at the bottom of the unit.
We recommend purchasing the battery pack [G-B01](option).
Do NOT attempt to disassemble, repair or alter the equipment yourself. It may lead to failure and/or equipment damage and will void the warranty.
Please call on OSM Co,. Ltd.’s experts for the built-in battery replacement. (Not free of charge).
How much charge does remain if I do not use it? After being fully charged and powered off, the battery is affected by self discharge. After 1 year, about 75% of the charge remains. (Pay attention to power OFF the battery before storage).
Recharge the battery (even a little) at least once a year to maintain it.
About compatible electric devices Which kind of devices can I use with? The Mobile Solar Unit comes with a basic input/output car cigarette lighter socket, so the unit enables using devices that can be powered by a car cigarette lighter socket.
The included USB plug enables using devices that allows DC5V USB connection.
Which kind of products are available? Products available in car equipment shops such as fans, illumination appliances, charging cables, etc.
How do I select these products? The Mobile Solar Unit output is approximately 20W, so you can select products regarding the wattage or the rated current. In the latter case, you can calculate the wattage (W) by multiplying the current (A) by the voltage (V). Use products whose wattage is less than 20W
About the output power What is the wattage limit? The built-in battery output is about 20W and the solar sheet generates approximately 12W, so the Solar Unit generates about 32W. However, since the solar sheet power generation varies depending on the amount of sunlight its output is not constant. Regarding this matter we recommend using product which voltage is less than 20W.
About devices powered with AC100 Can I use electric devices powered with 100V AC ? Please, purchase the [G-A04] (option) 100VAC inverter.
Furthermore, in the case you use an AC inverter, pay attention that the power consumption is less than 20W.
What are an inverter and a converter?
An inverter converts the current from DC to AC.
A converter converts the current from AC to DC or vice versa.
What kind of electric devices can I use? Devices with a wattage less than 20W.
e.g. with a fan which wattage is 15W :
20÷15x0.8※= 1hour (operating time)
When 2 Mobile Solar Units are connected, the output is about 40W. In that case:
40÷15x0.8=2 hours (operating time)
(considering that the AC inverter conversion efficiency is about 80%).
About replacement parts Are replacement parts available-for-sale? Battery can be easily replaced and is available-for-sale.
Please, purchase the battery pack [G-B01] (option).
Components (including batteries) are not available-for-sale. If a problem occurs, please contact us. If repairs are needed, they will be performed in our factory.
About durability Solar sheet lifetime The solar sheet is manufactured to last about 10 years. All materials are carefully chosen to last longer than 10 years. However, this value is for reference purpose only and is not guaranteed.