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OS product concept

1 - Because we, at OS CO., LTD., emphasize the importance of our products quality, we adopted the made in Japan FWAVE amorphous silicon-based solar cells. These reliable solar cells possess remarkable properties such as a stable power generation and an excellent durability as well as flexible properties.
A stable power generation - When crystalline solar panels loose a part of their efficiency at high temperatures, FWAVE solar cells maintain their power generation. Moreover, because the amorphous silicon-based solar sheet is able to generate power even in low sunlight exposure conditions (in the morning, in the evening, on cloudy days) it generates 10% more power per year than a crystalline silicon solar panel.

2 - Water-proof power banks GBW-104, GBW-105 are OS exclusive products manufactured by OSM. These batteries come with a PELICAN case that is water-proof and dust-proof to IP67 standard and offers high resistance to impact.
GBW104 and GBW105 are suitable for numerous applications such as power supply for outdoor events and/or campgrounds, but also as an emergency power supply in case of power outage and/or in a case of natural disaster.

We offer a wide range of product lineup to best meet our clients' needs. Therefore ODM/OEM and customization are welcomed.

Sales Conditions Rights to sell in the specific area and market (no exclusivity). Possibility to sell to general users, companies and resellers.
Products All products intended for overseas market.