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2016.11.04 : Street light set of combined with amorphous Solar Sheet, LED light and battery. Provision tool of un-electrified area for security and accident prevention
"TerraSerde Street Light" Now On Sale
2016.09.01 : OS CO., LTD.'s "Clean energy" website has been revamped.
2016.07.27 : DOKODEMO HATSUDEN (solar products): the first generation of GSR-110B/GSR-110B-S1 is discontinued. Thank you for your continuous support.
2016.05.27 : [New product] To prepare for disasters and emergencies, we combined the 32W-12V Mobile Solar Sheet, a battery with 222Wh capacity and a waterproof case to create the [Mobile Solar Waterproof Set GSS-1032B-S1].
2016.05.27 : [Press release] announcement of the sales launch of OS new product: the GSS-1032B-S1 Mobile Solar Waterproof Set, an electricity resource for installations such as tsunami evacuation towers.
2016.04.27 : OS Group, through cooperation with Shiso city, Hyogo Prefecture, will urgently supply solar sheets and batteries to enable power supply and power storage in order to support recover activities after Kumamoto earthquakes.
2016.02.23 : For the first time in the world, the solar trolley suitcase "Travel Solar" is available on The 5100mAh battery is offered.
2015.12.21 : Information update of the flexible solar Sheet "GSS-1054N". Roll it up and handle it anywhere!
2015.11.25 : [Event] Our first participation at the 2015 Fuji Chousa Kenkyu Exhibition.
2015.10.13 : [Event] We will display our mobile solar units and batteries at RISCON TOKYO 2015.
2015.09.28 :, in collaboration with OS Group, provided and installed solar street lights in Nigeria.
2015.07.16 : [Event] We will display our mobile solar units and batteries at JANPS 2015
2015.07.07 : [Event] We will display our mobile solar units and batteries at the 9th edition of the Office Disaster Prevention Expo.
2015.07.01 : You can now consult the FWAVE solar cells characteristics on our website. OS is glad to introduce the crystalline silicon free solar cells that offer remarkable flexible properties.
2015.04.24 : To show its support  to "CATIC", a NPO that create movie theaters in Cambodia, OS donated "SAORI Solar", an original solar power set named after CATIC representative Kyoraishi Saori.